Feb 29, 2012

What I Want vs What is best

I want a cheeseburger and fries...what I should have is a turkey sandwich and salad.

I want another motorcycle...what I have right now is more than enough bike.

I want to stay up and goof around...what I should do is to go to bed at a reasonable hour so that I can be productive the next day at work.

I really don't feel like working out and exercising...what my body needs is regular activity to stay healthy.

One of the ways we grow up is when we learn to do what is best rather than doing merely what I want. When an individual doesn't make this transition, they can look like an adult, but they will forever be children.

But worse, when we don't learn to make this transition, we will leave a wake of heartache and broken relationships.

Because if the primary way in we base our decision making is determined by what I want rather than what is best, our lives will end up in a mess.

America, it's time to grow up as a generation, as a nation, and as a people.

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