May 21, 2013

Our Attitude and the Sovereignty of God

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Did you know that airplanes have attitudes?

As an airplane is making its preparations for landing, one of the most important things for pilots to consider is the airplane's attitude.

The airplane's attitude refers to its position in relation to the earth's horizon. Here's what we know. The horizon isn't moving. If the airplanes position is off with the horizon, and the airplane is going to make a safe landing, the pilot must pay attention to the airplane's attitude so that it's in alignment with the earth's horizon.

If the airplane were to come in with its nose too high, it will slow the aircraft too much and it will stall the plane. If the airplane's nose is to low, the plane will come in too fast and will bounce and go out of control. If the airplane comes in with either of the the wings too high or low, well, it's not going to be very pretty.

The plane's attitude has a lot to do with whether the airplane will make a safe landing or whether the landing is rough, or whether its a crash landing.

For the most part we see God's will and sovereignty as comfort and a blessing. But what we fail to realize is that God's will and sovereignty can also be a burden.

You see, God's sovereign will is a lot like the horizon. God's will, will be established. God's sovereign will isn't about to change just because we think it ought to.

Whether God's sovereign will for our lives is a blessing or a burden depends on our attitude to God's will.

If we are fighting and resisting God's will and continue to insist that we live life "my way"...well, good luck with those landings.

It's so sad to see folks who's lives are littered with people that have been hurt as a result of those who insist on living life, "my way."

But if we are willing to change and adjust our lives and our selves to God's horizon, God's promises are sure to be a blessing.

It all depends on our attitude.

So, here's the million dollar question: which will it be for you?

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