May 23, 2013

Stinky, Messy, Dirty...Yup That's the Church

The church is a lot like the Noah's Ark.

Sure, the ark must have had its glorious moments, but I imagine that most of the time the ark was an overcrowded barn that was stinky, dirty, crowded, hot, and did I mention stinky?

There were animals all over the place pooping, peeing, eating, sleeping, bleating, roaring, croaking, know...being animals.

  • The tiger's over with the lions taunting them about how the lion may be the king of the jungle but the tigers are the king of the ark
  • All the animals and Noah's family complaining about the hippos and elephants because they eat way too much, poop way too much, pee way too much
  • The wolves are with the sheep looking for the perfect opportunity to "invite" the sheep for dinner
Living conditions for Noah and his family couldn't have been pleasant.

Tempers must have flared.

There had to have been arguments that needed mending, squabbles and confrontations that needed healing.

Even with all this, you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Because if you were, you were dead. The ark was the only place on earth where living creatures lived...unless you were a fish.

That's the church!

Sure, the church can sometimes be messy, dirty, and smelly.

Why? Because the church is made up of people like you and me!

Because people like you and me make up the church, there's bound to be some flare ups and some misunderstandings. There's bound to be times when arguments get heated and relationships need to be mended.

But you know what? The church - for better for worse - is the body of Christ and it is the only vehicle God has given to humanity to carry on the work and the ministry of Jesus Christ. find yourself going through a rough spot in ministry and in your church life?

Don't be surprised.

That's ministry.

That's the church.

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