Nov 29, 2007

Adding Value

That we are alive today means that there is a purpose to our being alive today.

We don't think like that. Because the pressures of our agendas tasks demand our loyalty, but the biblical and theological truth is that God has us where we are for a purpose.

Since that is the case, I encourage you to ask the following question everyday - "How can I add value to _____?".

We will meet today that God wants to bless. And when we are open to what God is doing, we just might discover that we can be God's partner in bringing God's blessing to someone's life. And in so doing, we just might discover that adding value to other's lives adds value to our life.

Go ahead. Add value. Be a part of God's kingdom plan.

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Kye S. said...

nice. in fact, adding value to someone is actually giving them appreciation ... when value is increased, appreciation takes place.

at the catalyst conference, they had a special tribute to john maxwell and they asked him to say one thing that he would pass down to the next generation leaders ... and it was exactly this ... adding value to people.

James said...

Thanks Kye for commenting. Could you imagine what our world would look like if Christ-followers were intentional about adding value to the people and the organizations that we were in?

Why, God could change the world through people like that!