Nov 28, 2007

Character and Integrity

Yesterday, we began looking at Psalm 101. There is another gem of a passage that deals with the inner character and integrity of a person whom God uses.

v.2b-3 says, "I will walk in my house with a blameless heart. I will set before my eyes no vile thing."

God particularly sets the house apart from other places. God does this because it’s easy to play a role in the public. But the most vile and heinous things are said and acted out in the privacy of the home. For whatever reason, with the very people we care about and love the most, we say things we would never say in front of others. God sets the home apart from other places because it is in the privacy and in the hidden places from the eyes of others that we engage in sin that we would never consider doing in public.

What we fail to comprehend fully is that while these things may be hidden from the eyes of other human beings, God sees and hears everything.

That's why these words are so awesome.

I will walk in my house with a blameless heart! Wow!

That's my goal. That's who I strive to be. That's who we're called to be.

Not only in public, but also in the home, we are to walk with a blameless heart. Character and integrity is demonstrated when we think no one is watching.

Of particular note is that we are to set before our eyes no vile thing. I think we need to take this seriously because there is so much about our entertainment choices and the availability of porn on the internet that this has to be taken into account.

It is in the context and the privacy of the home that we are to demonstrate our integrity and character.

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