Jul 12, 2008

Adventures of Family Living

Today is the reason why we've all come to Southern California. Today is my dad's 70th birthday party. We have family here from Korea, Texas, New Jersey, Seattle, San Jose, Sacramento, and from all over the Southern California basin. We've all come to celebrate my dad's birthday and also to invade the homes of our relatives. Every single person who owns a home has someone staying with them. We are expecting over 80 at the party tonight.

It's been "fun" trying to live in the same place without killing each other.

For starters, my mom insisted that Grace and my family spend the night in their two bedroom condo! That's six kids and five adults sharing two bathrooms and two rooms! And then more relatives started showing up - an aunt and cousin from Sacramento, an uncle and his wife and two adult children. We moved out of my mom's place to one of my aunt's home.

We've been there for two days now. We are sharing that space with my aunt's family and one more cousin. This is not as bad. We have my family of six, the three in my aunt's family, and one adult cousin. That's only six adults and four children sharing four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The bathrooms have been an adventure because one of the bathroom is in the master bedroom. So in essence, there is one bathroom for the rest of us. It's been good though. No casualties.

It's been fun seeing all the relatives. I haven't seen some of them in over ten years. It's amazing to see how old everyone's become. All my little cousins are now either married or adults. It's crazy.

We have our party tonight.

Tomorrow, I will be preaching at Thanksgiving Church.

And then on Monday and Tuesday, we - like 25 of us - are off to San Diego to Sea World and to the Zoo. Beware San Diego! The Kim clan is coming!

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