Jul 13, 2008

Worship at Sarang Church

The Kim family spent the day worshiping at East Sarang Church. This church began on Easter Sunday 2007 and since then they have gone from 20 members to over 900 in attendance on a Sunday. And it's easy to see why. The worship is hot. The praise is awesome. And the atmosphere is electric.

As soon as Kaleb saw the children's place, he ran to play with the toys and the other kids.

The girls were made to feel welcome as soon as they walked into the children's ministry center.

When Helen and I walked in to the worship area, we were greeted and welcomed.

This church is doing so many things well.

I had the privilege of preaching this morning at this church. It's fun to see God at work and seeing a church who's desire is to impact the community by growing God's Kingdom.

We at Trinity are not too far from this church. God is at work.

I pray that the visitors at our church would say the same things about TPC.

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