Jul 18, 2008

Flying w/a family of 6 - totally different than flying by myself

Typically, 2 hours is more than enough to return the rental car and check in and have plenty of time to get some coffee and relax.

So we show up at the rental car place with 2 hours to go, four kids, and 8 checked bags, 4 purses, 5 backpacks, golf clubs, car seat, and stroller.

We barely make it onto the rental car bus with all the family and bags. Then we barely made it off the bus with all the family and luggage. Then checked in with all the luggage. Then we had to get all the bags x-rayed. And then I had to take the oversized bags - golf bags and car seat to the oversized baggage check in. Then we went through security with all the backpacks, purses, kids, and stroller, then recollect all the stuff we just put through security. Then we had to take all the kids to potty.

And finally, we barely made it onto the plane.

Note to self - flying by myself is totally different than flying with a family of six.

When they say you should show up to the airport at least three hours before your flight, they were thinking about my family.
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Lydia said...


I had to do a double take when I saw you around San Jose, but I could tell the difference.

Man, I was thrilled when I came home and found your blog. Great and insightful posts. I currently am partnered with a smaller membership church that is going through a process of intentional transformation.

We used one of your blog entries about being prepared for visitors for a Minute for Transformation. Thanks.

God bless,


James said...

Cool! Thanks. It was great to see you too. God bless you in God's ministry!