Jul 9, 2008

Vacation reflections - lessons learned from a three-year-old

Today, Helen and the girls went to the Natural History Museum in LA to meet up with some friends from my previous church. I stayed back at my parents place with ny 3 year-old son. Originally, we had planned to go to Knotts Berry Farm today but the plans got changed. Then we were all going to go together but the plans got changed. Then I was going to take him to go see Kung Fu Panda but plans got changed. Instead we ended up hanging with my folks and watching Rattatoulle.

I felt bad for my son because this is his vacation too and because it felt like he got the shaft. But you know what? That boy had a smile on his face the whole day and he played with gusto, ran with passion, and he was perfectly happy and content to do what we did.

All the change of plans was driving me batty. But he was fine. It didn't bother him that things changed cuz he was with his daddy and his grandma and grandpa.

And you know what? That's not such a bad day after all. In fact it was a great day! When was the last time I got to spend the entire day just with my son? When was the last time I got to hang out with my mom and dad all day?

It was a spectacular day.

Thanks for the lessons son.
James <><
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