Jul 14, 2008

San Diego Zoo

Helen, Karis, Kaitlin, Kailey, Kaleb, my mom, my dad, my uncle D, his wife, cousin Tim, cousin Hannah, cousin A, her son Sammy, cousin Grace, my sis Grace, niece Madison and Sophie made the two hour drive down to San Diego and have invaded San Diego Zoo.

It's truly an adventure trying to move, coordinate, eat, take potty breaks, etc with all these people. But when else in life are we going to get a chance to travel with so many people again.

The coolest things so far have been the elephants, the panda bears, and my kids found a little birdie that fell out. The little guy couldn't walk and certainly couldn't fly. He almost got trampled by several people. I scooped him up and took it to one of the workers. I hope they can take care of the little guy. It would be wrong to let the little guy die - especially at the zoo.

One of the other things that have been strange to see is the traffic. LA has one of the worst traffic jams around. But the traffic - even during traffic hours - have been extremely light. Most people are either sharing rides or taking public transport because the gas prices are so high here.

The last I heard, they are projecting gas to hit $7 per gallon before this is through.

Kaleb is taking a nap and I think I will too while the rest of the family continues on their tour.

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