Jul 27, 2008

Layed Down my Bike

If you ride, its never a question of if but a question of when.

I had my first spill on my bike this past week. I was in the middle of a turn at around 30 mph when I came across some gravel on the road. My rear wheel went out from under me and the next thing I know I am sliding on the asphalt.

I ended up with a bruised ego, bruises on my leg, a tweaked knee, and a road rash on my arm.

I stopped traffic on both sides. People were asking if I needed an ambulance. I was able to get right back up and get going on the bike.

The interesting thing is that I was watching the Laguna Seca Grand Prix race the day before with Kaleb. We saw how the pros crashed by sliding on the asphalt.

As I was sliding across the asphalt, I remember specifically thinking, "Hey, I'm sliding on the asphalt!". I never knew you could do that. And then the next thing I was thinking was, "Oh crap! This is going to hurt!"

After gaining my composure I got back on my bike and road around before going home because I didn't want the crash to scare me.

Had I not been wearing my helmet, this could have been a very dangerous wreck. I have some road scars on my helmet. I hit the ground pretty hard with my helmet and had I not had it on, I probably would have cracked my head. No telling what kind of damage that would have done to my brain. And for sure I would have scraped my face on the asphalt.

Always wear your protective gear. The gloves, boots, and the helmet did just exactly what they were supposed to do. The only thing I didn't have on was my jacket because it was over 100 degrees. Never ever ride without a helmet. It could be the difference between a bruised ego and a cracked skull.

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dhollifield said...

IMPORTANT COMMENT: Without saying anything about motorcycles in general, I can say that about 20 years ago, and for several years, I was a paralegal for a large personal injury lawfirm in Dallas -and one of the products my section dealt with was motorcycle helmets.

I don't know how the industry has progressed in the meantime, but when I was involved, most of the experts said that helmets can only take ONE such blow and then you should buy a new helmet. The helmet took the hit your head didn't and may well be too damaged inside to protect you in a second crash. Once upon a time they would x-ray them so you could know, but I don't know what the wisdom is today. Please check it out...Debbie H

Reyes-Chow said...

Scariest thing in the world is to lay down your bike. Glad you are well!