Oct 30, 2008

Life is Back to Normal

Ahhh. Life is back to normal. Helen and Kaleb are back home and it's so nice to hear the yelling and banging of Kaleb's play, and it's so nice to have Helen's presence back in the house. I just feel better.

You know, it's a strange thing. I travel a lot. And when I'm the one who's gone, I don't feel like something's missing. With Helen and Kaleb gone, man! Things were weird around the house without them.

I was trying to write my sermon last week from my study and you would think that the peace and quiet was good, but I couldn't concentrate. It just felt too strange around my house. So I packed up all my stuff and finished my sermon in the office.

That too is weird. I don't have any problems being by myself in the office. I don't think it's weird at all when the office is quiet.

But I didn't like my house being that quiet. I like the noise of people when I am at home.

Life is good. We're back to normal.
James <><
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