Oct 23, 2008

OK This is It - We Can Do It

I just got home from dropping Helen and Kaleb at the airport. I have the girls by myself for one week.

I already told them to get ready for a new diet - cereal cleansing. This is where we clean the body system out with cereal for every meal!

No. It won't be that bad. We'll only have to have cereal a couple of times a day. Helen made tons of food and left it for us.

This will be a good time for me and the girls to bond.

It's weird. I'm usually the one traveling and leaving. I asked Kaleb where he was going as we were leaving for the airport, and he told me, "We're going to the airport!"

"And what why are you going to the airport?" I asked.

And he said, "To drop you off Daddy!"

That's the way it normally works. But this time I dropped off Helen and Kaleb.

You know, it's nothing when I am traveling. And of course I miss my family when I'm traveling. But this is different. I already miss Helen and the little man.

Life is funny like that.

But we can do this - me and the girls. We can do this. Yes we can.

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