Nov 24, 2008

Choices and Chairs

One of the things I get to do as a pastor is to counsel people both through the joys and the disappointments in life. Most of the counseling sessions take place in my office.

In an span of four hours, there was a couple who was sitting in my office who are at the end of their ropes and is desperately trying to make their marriage work. They are barely hanging on wondering if it's even worth trying to salvage.

And then within the hour, there was a different couple sitting in the same chairs who couldn't wait to get their married life started. They are going through pre-marital counseling and like every other engaged people I've worked with are convinced that they can work through any issue or problem they will face together as a couple. No one getting married thinks that they are going to divorce. No one getting married thinks I'm going to be absolutely miserable.

And as the two sets of couples left my office I pondered how we get there. How do we get to where we find ourselves.

Neither of the couples find themselves where they are without a myriad of choices. It's those choices that brings you to where you are in life - whether it's to get married or thinking that youare ready to quit on your marriage.

So here's the deal - today, make some good Godly choices. Make the choices that demonstrate your love and appreciation for one another. Avoid choices that discourage and demean. Make good Godly choices. You don't want to end up in a place of misery. You don't get there over night. It takes choices.

Make good Godly choices today.

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