Nov 14, 2008

Right Theology and Polity is Crap unless They are Tools for God's Mission

Evangelicals are so concerned about making sure that our theology is sound. We want to make sure that Christ-followers are able to affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that the scripture is the only authority in our lives, and a host of other theological concerns.

Evangelicals are hyper concerned about sexuality - to ensure that gays and lesbians are not ordained, that singles remain chaste in singleness and married couples remain faithful in their marriage, etc.

It's all crap if we are not partnering with God to make new Christians and faithful disciples.

It's all crap unless God is actively at work to transform lives, heal marriages, change eternal destinies.

It's all crap as long as we keep turning a blind eye to the poor and the lonely while we live in our luxury and keep going deeper in debt, totally mismanaging God's resources.

It's all crap as long as we remain blind to the injustices in our society and in our world.

Right theology and polity structures are tools to enable God's ministry and mission. Right theology and polity structures are not the aim of the church - they are tools.


jerry espinosa said...

hi James,

I've been reading your blog for some time now. I appreciate you sharing your feelings and thoughts. It has given me new insight into how I am leading my life for Christ. I sometimes feel like I'm giving a "half-hearted" effort in spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for blogging. I hope it makes people take a very close look in the mirror to see if the image is of God or not....

Peace and Love,
Jerry Espinosa
Southside Church
Austin, Texas

James said...

Jerry, thank you for your comments. Man, let's keep sharpening one another and our pursuit of God's best.