Nov 11, 2008

There is a God - and You are not God

God created us and then created the entire universe because He loves us. And because He loves us, God has given dominion over the entire created universe to us.

And that is exactly what we're supposed to do - have dominion over all things. But the problem with how so many of us live is that it seems that many things have dominion over us instead.
  • schedule has dominion over our lives
  • our financial commitments have dominion over our lives
  • friendships and relationships have dominion over our lives
  • addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, porn
  • careers
  • etc.
God wants to tell us something - in order to have dominion over the things that God has put under us, we need to get under the one thing that God has put over us.

In order to rule over all the things that God has put under us, we need to get straight just one thing - There is a God, and YOU are not God.

Once you understand that there is a God and that you are not God, then you understand that you don't own all these things, that you are a manager and a caretaker of all these things that have been entrusted to you. And when you start understanding that you will have to answer to God for what you did with your life, then you start managing your money, your life, your career, your sex drive and life, and everything else based on God's guidance. And when you do that, all these things become a blessing to you.

That's how it works.

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