Nov 28, 2008

What a Wacky Way to do Church

Why do we have so many churches?

I have been wondering about all the resources and finances that goes into maintaining the facilities of the churches around our area. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year just to pay for our facilities, and I don't know of a single church that is filled to capacity. Why do we do that?

What keeps us from working together to make a difference in the community? Why couldn't we come together to pool our resources of finances, people resources, and talent resources to really make a difference in our community?

Oh, yeah. That thing called denominations.

You know what? To the 246,000 unchurched in our ten mile radius, our denominational differences don't mean a darn thing to them. They don't care whether we dunk em, sprinkle, or pour water for baptism. That just doesn't matter. What people want to know is...
  • Is God for real?
  • Can God really make a difference in my life?
  • Is there a hope and purpose for my life?
  • Can I really make a lasting difference through my life?
And if we really are the church, shouldn't we be able to look beyond our small denominational differences to put the mission of God before all else to grow new Christians, and to grow Christians to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ?

And yet, because of our stupid denominational identities, we are separated and leave almost no impact in our communities.

Does anyone else think that this is a wacky way to do church?

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