Dec 24, 2008

Fickle God?

Read through Numbers 11-14.

I am not sure what to make of this God who seems so fickle. But the thing that I find unnerving the most is that God has to be reminded of His own words and promises by Moses. For God was going to destroy all of them because of their complaining and Moses has to remind God that He's a merciful God, and besides if God kills all the Israelites, how will that make God look before the Egyptians.

What the?

We are so quick to count on God's promises. We are so quick to rely and trust fully in His words, but here we see a God who needs to be reminded of His own promises.

More confused then ever? Me too.

But there are a few things that we can glean from this.

First, it is good to count and recall God's promises. Because God is faithful to His word. Even in Numbers God forgives the people of Israel. But I think recalling God's promises does more for us to remember who we are and what our purpose is.

Second, although God forgives, there are serious consequences to our sin and disobedience. God cannot save us from the consequences.

And it is those consequences we must live with all our lives.

God forgave Ted Haggard of his sins. I am sure of it. Because he's repented in public and I am sure he's done so in private. But he's still having to live with the consequences of his sins.

The best thing for all of us is to live right. Follow Jesus. Obey His commands. Then we don't even have to deal with the consequences of sin. Instead, we will be reaping the fruit of living for God.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve. Make it to one of God's churches and worship the Son who has been given to us.

Merry Christmas!

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