Dec 11, 2008


Why? I will never understand.

Why? When there was such a promising future ahead of you.

Why? This can't be the answer.

A young man took his own life tonight.

I will never understand why.

You will be missed so much. I miss you already.


My heart aches. I have no more tears to cry.

I miss you. Oh, how I wish you were still here.


This has caused so much devastation to all who love you and who have been loved by you.

You were going to serve the Lord with your life as a chaplain in the military. The entire future was ahead of you. God was going to use your life to impact so many people.

You will be missed. You are missed.

May God have mercy on your soul and may God have mercy on all of us who are here missing you.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this either - I'm so confused and saddened. We all are - he will be deeply missed and remembered forever in our hearts. Such an incredible life force - I don't understand!

Elizabeth Woods

miggy said...

we are definitely hurting. we'll miss him so much!

Daniel I. Hampton said...

I'm sorely hurting for you, and for David's family. I cannot imagine why. I cannot imagine the pain. I wrote this for him, and for you and your family.

With a passing laugh and a ready smile
You were with us for too short a while
With a troubled heart nobody near
Could see enough to move or steer
Away from the pain that you would bring

Behind that smile you hid too much
And how many now would do anything
To have kept your life here to touch
The lives you made a brighter place

You felt the burden... Read More was yours alone
To bear without hope or even less
Till you chose the quickest route to home
And left us here to question what you left

You left too sudden so many faces
And while time continues to make its paces
I ask that love would hold them close
Those you left with many tears
That your memory would lie encased
In kinder times, in better years

That your rest would be in quiet places
That peace will hold you deep in His embraces
--Daniel Hampton