Dec 13, 2008

Need Your Prayers

I covet your prayers.

I am emotionally and physically drained.

Spiritually I am doing good, but I am tired.

When I think about what the next two weeks look like it looks impossible. but I know that with God it will not only be fine, but it will all turn out for the glory of God.
- a new sermon for Sunday because of the suicide on Thursday evening of one of our young men.
- ministering to two families who've lost a loved one
- to a church who is grieving over the death these two people
- eulogy for the Hall funeral
- eulogy for the Brown funeral
- sermon for Sunday the 21st
- sermon for Christmas Eve
- sermon for wedding on 27th
- sermon for 28th
- oh, yeah. Celebrating Christmas with my family.

If I can make it through this stretch then it's back to a somewhat normal schedule.

I know that God is in control. God will use all this for His glory. I can do all things through Christ. But these next few weeks are going to be something. I still covet your prayers.

Thanks for letting me just rant for a while.


KSC said...

really lifting you and your community in prayer ... may the message of Immanuel (God with Us) be loud and clear.

miggy said...

I'll help you with the cooking on Christmas bro. Just eat and rest. =)