Dec 9, 2008

Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ

I've been wondering, what could God do through a church with fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Just imagine - a church full of people who will do anything that God asks of them, who have declared and determined that there is nothing worth living for more than the cause of Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine what such a church would be like?

Can you imagine what God could do through a church like that?

Our understanding of following Jesus is so lukewarm and pathetic. For most churches, if more than half their membership show up for Sunday worship they would be delighted. No wonder our churches are struggling the way they are.

Fully devoted followers of Jesus - Yes, Jesus - whatever it takes, whatever you ask Jesus - fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

What an awesome church that would be.

Jesus told the church - Go, go into the world who is hurting and searching. Do whatever it takes to help them know that God loves them. And teach them everything that God has taught us through Jesus Christ. Baptize new Christians, and build up fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. That's what our calling is.

God, grant your church leaders the wisdom and discernment to know how to do that.

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