May 27, 2009

Plea for Christ-followers to Live a Life Worthy of Imitating

Research by the Barna group and others tell us a hard blunt truth - when it comes to our habits and our world view, evangelical Christians are not much different than those who don't know Christ.

Church going evangelicals are not much different when it comes to taking illegal drugs, visiting pornographic web sites, stealing, cheating, gossiping, getting drunk, lying, committing adultery and fornication.

Church going evangelicals are just as likely to consult a fortune teller and check their horoscope as those who don't know Christ.

That should shock us and sadden us.

However, when you also take into consideration that most church going evangelicals are almost as ignorant of basic theology and what the Bible actually says, it's no wonder that the only significant difference Barna and other researchers were able to find was that evangelicals are more likely to own a Bible and have attended a church service.

I am making a plea to anyone who reads this - let us live a life worthy of our risen Lord and Savior. Let us put away our sinful ways.

Let us confess of our sins, repent of our sinful ways, and turn to Jesus.

Let us live like Christians. Let's live in such a way that the Lordship of Jesus Christ is undeniable in our lives.

I will do my part. Will you do yours?
James <><
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