May 8, 2009

What Changes Hearts?

No amount of planning, structuring, re-structuring, organizing, re-organizing, prioritizing, etc. changes hearts.

And after all, that's the core problem. Hearts need to get changed.
- cold hearts need to get hot and passionate for Jesus and for His glory
- hopeless hearts need to experience what it's like to have the light of hope shine on it once again
- hearts that have lost faith over the drudgery of the Christian religion need to discover once again the amazing joy that comes from seeing God moving and acting for His glory.

This is a heart problem.

So the question is, "What changes hearts?"

The better question is, "Who changes hearts?"

And of course, only God can. Only Jesus can. Only the Holy Spirit changes hearts.

And the Bible is clear on how hearts can be changed.
- confess. Confess our failures. Confess our sins. Confess our wounds. Confess our wrongs.
- repent. Repent of our sinful ways. Repent for the ways we've wounded others. Repent for the ways we've wounded God.
- cry out for forgiveness.

Whenever people confess, repent, and cry out for forgiveness, God hears their cries and answers their prayers.

I know that I have been wounded. I know that I have wounded others. And I think pretty much any person can say the same thing.

Then it makes sense that we need to confess, repent, and cry out to God for forgiveness. And when we do that, God changes hearts.

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