May 17, 2009

The Result of Over-estimation of our Savedness

God of Israel pursued after His people throughout the history of Israel with the clarion call - confess your sins, repent and turn from your wicked ways, and turn to God, and He will hear from heaven and heal our lands.

And the chosen people, one generation after another, rejected God's invitation.

The people of Israel had over-estimated their chosen-ness and underestimated their responsibility and calling to live as chosen people.

And because they took so lightly their responsibility to live like the chosen people of God, because they rejected God and followed after other gods, the chosen people were judged.

When that happens, even chose people become unsuable for Kingdom work. And the result of such unsuitableness for kimgdom work is their judgment.

Their beloved Temple lie in ruins.

The holy city of God was destroyed.

And the chosen people were held captive as exiles in a foreign land.

Could it be possible that today's American Christianity has over-estimated our saved-ness while underestimating our responsibility to live as saved people of God?

And could it be that the deadness and the malaise we are experiencing in the life of American Christianity is because we have refused to repent of our sinful ways, and turn from sin, and turn to God with our whole lives? Could it be that the deadness and the malaise of American Christianity is our judgment?

But this can turn around if God's people repent, turn from our wickedness and start living as people who have been graced by Savior God.

God is not done with the church in America.

Renewal and revival will happen when we as a people repent and turn from our wicked ways and turn to God. For there is no program, no sermon series, no Bible Study under heaven that can bring renewal and revival. Renewal and revival will take place when we confess our corporate sin, repent and turn from our ways, and return to God with our whole heart.

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