May 9, 2009

The Real Question

The question we ask ourselves multiple times a day is, "What time is it?" We probably get asked this question several times a day.

And no matter who you are, the time will always be the same for everybody. The time is whatever time it is. There's nothing shockingly remarkable about this.

While it may be good to know what time it is, the real question that has the potential to impact our lives is "What am I doing with my time?"

Am I spending my time wisely?

Am I investing my time into the future?

Am I investing my time into things that really matter.

And if we don't ask this question, time will just keep ticking away. And it really won't matter one way or the other what time it is because it's all wasted time when we are not intentional with our time.

So, let me ask you. "What are you doing with your time?"
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