Jul 3, 2009

Birthday reflection

I am not really in to birthdays. Haven't been excited about my birthday since I was a kid.

But as I turn 41, this one is very different.

I am so incredibly thankful. I thank God for my wife, for my four children, mt extended family, my church, my friends, my health, for everything God has given me - I am thankful.

For all intents and purposes, I should not be alive. I could have easily died. Had it not been for the doctors and the open heart surgery, I should be dead.

So here I find myself a day before my birthday incredibly grateful - not so much to be alive, but because God has so incredibly blessed my life. Thank you God. Thank you for everything.

And the greatest news is that because of what God has done, the blessings are for eternity.

And friends, whether you've had a life and death experience, isn't this true of each of our lives?

Remember how blessed we all are.

Have a blessed day.
James <><
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Joseph said...

Wow, we are the same age and same profession. Keep writing James, you are a great source of encouragement