Jul 20, 2009

Getting Spiritually Healthy

Getting and staying spiritually fit is a struggle and difficult.

- need to constantly watch what we put in our minds
- need to dilligently work at curbing our pride
- Avoid a bunch of stuff that seems tempting
- fill our lives with service

It's not easy being and getting spiritually fit.

But the alternatives to be spiritually healthy really stinks.
- going through the motions and trappings of religion, knowing that our prayers and praises won't fchange anything
- doing just what is necessary to look good in front of others while we allow our souls and our spirit to rot away
- living and joy-less, thank-less life

Getting and staying spiritually healthy doesn't happen by accident nor by good intentions. We will get spiritually healthy when we start applying spiritual sweat and discipline by taking action.

Aren't tired of wasting away as a Christian? Don't you want to come fully alive and live in the fulness of God's Spirit?

Start today by taking the initiative to get spiritually healthy.
1) Commit to reading and studying the Bible daily
2) Commit to praying daily
3) Commit to regular worship
4) Commit to regular serving and giving. Commit to tithing your time, talents, and finances

You won't regret it. It will be the best decision you've made in a long time.

So get to it!
James <><
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