Jul 10, 2009

Emotionally Bankrupt

All us of walk around with a emotional bank account. For every neutral to positive encounter we have with someone a credit gets deposited into our emotional bank account for that individual.

But for every negative encounter we have with someone, 20 credits get deducted from our account for every negative encounter.

That's the reason why relationships that took years to build can be destroyed by one negative conversation or negative encounter. Imagine that - hundreds and thousands of positive and neutral encounters can be swept away by one negative encounter.

And when it comes to our relationships, most of us carry a negative balance with others. And that means most of us walk around emotionally bankrupt and wounded.

Church, by no means, is immune to this deficit.

So I am asking Christ-followers to watch what we say, be kind and gentle in how we treat others, create an environment where people can have their emotional bank accounts filled so they can be ready for the week. That's what the church should be.

That's my hope.

Get to church and filler' up!

James <><

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