Jul 14, 2009

Preventing Burnout

Why do good people quit?

Why do God-loving people burnout to the point they don't even know if God is real?

Bill Hybels once commented, "the way I was doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in my life."

Can you relate to that?

We all know that we're only human. We all know that we ought to sleep more, rest more, play more, spend time with our loved ones more, and most importantly spend time with God more. We need these things because these are the things that charge us back up so that we are ready to give and serve again.

But we get so busy doing things for God that we begin neglecting the very things God has placed in our lives to rejuvinate us.

Friends, I want to serve God and be useful for the longhaul. No one expects you to be super human.

Commit to one area of ministry or service and do that excellently. Don't over commit.

Second, take good care of yourself. Invest your time wisely with your loved ones. Eat right. Exercise regularly.

Finally, don't ever compromise your personal time with God. He is the ultimate source of hope and life.

Let's be useful for the long-haul. The primary responsibility for preventing burnout lies with you and me.
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