Jul 18, 2009

Getting Healthy

Getting healthy continues to be a struggle and difficult.

- I have to constantly watch what I eat,
- I need to get on the treadmill for an hour 4-5 days a week,
- I have to avoid a bunch of food I enjoy eating and eat foods I would have never chosen to eat before
- I take a bunch of medicine that I have to pay good hard cash for
- I have to poke my finger and monitor my blood sugar levels

It's not easy getting and staying healthy.

But the alternative kind of sucks. So I do what my doctors tell me to do.

That's just the way our spiritual lives and church life is like too.

Being spiritually healthy doesn't come easily. It takes tons of intentionality and lots of hard work.

Same goes with the health of a congregation.

But the alternatives to working at being healthy really stink. You wouldn't want to go there.

So as difficult as it is, get working on your spiritual health.

Tomorrow, I will blog about what sorts of things spiritual health requires.

James <><
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