Jul 8, 2009

Keeping Things Simple

We like to make things more complicated then they are.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "What is God's vision or purpose for my life?"

And when people ask this question, I've never met anyone who thinks God's vision and purpose for their life is mediocre or mundane. Every Christ-follower I know believes that God has grand visions for their life.

And the thing is I believe that's true. I believe God has great plans for every single person who calls Him Lord and Savior.

But before we get to any of the big things, before God can entrust us with the great things in life, we need to first take care of the little things.

Here's what I mean.

There are three primary spheres in our lives we must first steward excellently in order that God can entrust with grander things. For if we fail in these primary things, we will not be ready to steward greater things.

The three spheres which we must manage first are: our relationship with God, our relationship with our family, and our relationship with others.

Whatever God's plan for our grand future, it must include our right relationship with God - our daily relationship with God through daily intake of God's word, keeping the Lord's day the Lord's way, serving others, stewarding God's resources of time, talents, and treasures through tithing, etc.

Secondly, whatever God may have in store for our grand future, it has to include right relationships with our family. Because I am a husband and a father to four, whatever God's plan for my future is, it must include me being a faithful and loving husband, a dad who lives with integrity and character, a son and brother who loves and honors my parents and sister. If my future doesn't include these things, it will not be God's plan.

Finally, I must steward my relationships with others excellently. If I cannot manage relationships with others in my life in a way that honors and glorifies God, God cannot entrust me with greater responsibilities.

Jesus said, those who can be trusted with little with be entrusted with much. It's when I can demonstrate that I can be a faithful steward in these primary spheres, that I become ready to take on more.

And when I start stewarding these areas excellently, other responsibilities and opportunities open up.

So keep it simple. Get busy stewarding your primary spheres of relationships so that you can grow into God's grand future for your life.

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