Jul 23, 2009

Right Where God Wants Us

God, our church finances stink! We are $45,000 below our bare-bones minimum budget.

The moral amongst the leadership is low.

The church has been stagnant in membership and attendance for the past three years.

We've got staffing issues, leadership issues, purity issues, holiness issues, issues, issues, issues.

The problems facing us seem so insurmountable that I feel deflated every time I think about them.

And you know what God? I think this is exactly where you want us to be - in a place where we have no where else but you. A place where we're going to have to do things your way, to rely on your power and your mercy if we're going to ever make it.

When things are going well, we forget that you are still the God who orchestrates all things.

We give you lip service by saying it's all for your glory, but we know that deep inside, we can't help but feel smug about how things have turned out under our leadership.

Well, look where we are now!

This is great!

Because if God doesn't act and intervene, this church is sunk! S U N K, sunk! Dead in the water. Close its doors.

But as we pursue Christ and His Kingdom, as we pursue His holiness and His righteousness, as we do church His way, God's going to bless the socks off this church.

And in order to do that, we must become a church that God can bless.

If you are a leader of Trinity and you are reading this, please listen. Get your life in order with God. Stop messing around with stuff that you know are wrong and unwise. Live your life excellently. Pursue Christ with all your heart. Lead excellently.

If you are a member of Trinity, know that everything you do and say is a reflection of Christ. Either our lives tell of the truth and the glory of God, or our lives tell of the folly and the ridiculousness of religion.

Please live your life worthy.

More than that, live your life passionately in pursuit of Jesus.

It's when we live like that, God will bless this church and use it to grow God's kingdom.

We are right where God wants us. Our actions and choices from this day forward will determine our future together. Let us choose wisely. Choose LIFE!!! Choose CHRIST!!!

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