Oct 29, 2012

Christians...Money Matters

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Money matters...

Money matters more than sexuality, orthodoxy, or morality.

While it is true that morality matters, right theology matters, and sexuality matters, it is also true that how Christians deal with materialism and greed in the light of abject poverty matters.

Money viewed through the lens of the American Dream says, "I am entitled to my hard earned money." No one can tell me what to do with my money. Not even God.

Money viewed through the lens of scripture says, "I am entrusted with God's resources." Everything that we have, everything that we are is all from God. And God's expectation of Christ-followers is that we would invest ourselves fully for the cause of Christ and not that we would work for things that will all end up in the junkyard.

Richard Stearns, the author of The Hole in Our Gospel, writes, "The Bible devotes twice as many verses to money as it does to faith and prayer combined, and fully 15% of Jesus recorded words dealt with money, more than he said about heaven and hell combined" (p. 210).

So make sure that your faith is orthodox, that your theology is sound, that our morality and sexuality reflect Biblical truths. But don't forget that what we do with God's riches, how we steward his resources, and how Christians deal with greed and materialism in the light of abject poverty absolutely matters to God.

Money matters...

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