Oct 20, 2012

Stop Planning - Start PREPARING

You've all heard the adage "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

I no longer think this adage is true.

In a world that is changing as rapidly as ours, it is impossible to predict and plan for the future. 

Does that then mean that we are helpless to do anything about our future?

Of course not.

Stop planning and start preparing. 

No matter what the circumstances, you can prepare for a fantastic future. 

Moving into this emerging, constantly changing, unknowable future is kind of like improvisational music. 

When you get a group of amazing musicians together, no one has any idea where a set of musical chords can take them. But the music doesn't just happen. In order for these musicians to go where the music will take them, each invested thousands upon thousands of hours practicing and putting in the hard laborious hours with chords, scales. And it's precisely because of their hard work that they are prepared and ready for wherever the music takes them.

I believe more and more, that this is what our future looks like for our churches and organizations.

Where as, in the years past, it was the leader's ability to plan that led to a successful future, more and more, it is the leader's ability to prepare themselves and their organizations for an unknowable future that sets up their churches and organizations for a bright future. 

What we must do as leaders is to prepare our churches for wherever the Holy Spirit will take us by preparing our congregations in the basics of a biblical world-view, prayer, worship, and service. And as we invest hard laborious hours with the basics, we will be most prepared for whatever the Holy Spirit has in store for the future.

And should the church be prepared, the Holy Spirit has some beautiful music in store for the church of the emerging future.

So stop planning and start preparing for God's wonderful future. 

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