Oct 1, 2012

Let's Go to Worship

The Little Church on the Prairie
Let's go to worship!

Think about that sentence.

Let's go "to worship".

When you think of the phrase "to worship" are you thinking primarily of a place - The Little Church on the Prairie, First Presbyterian Church, First Baptist, Lake City Community Church, etc.?

Or, when you think of the phrase "to worship" were you thinking, let's go to a place in order that I might worship?

Put another way, when you think of worship, is worship a noun or is worship a verb?

There is a huge difference between the two.

When you think of worship as a noun, a place to go, then you think of yourself primarily as an observer. Your job is to show up, and as a passive observer, you become the primary lens through which you determine whether the worship was good or not.

  • Did the pastor keep me awake? 
  • Was the music good? 
  • Were the people friendly? 

When worship is a noun, you're the one who determines whether the worship was good or not.

However, when worship is a verb, when we are called to show up in order to give God our worship, then the only one who is in the position to determine whether the worship service was good or bad is God. The determining factors are not whether the preacher preached a good sermon (that's between the preacher and God), or whether you liked the music. The determining factors for what makes worship good is whether you opened your heart to what God wanted to show you, whether you were ready and willing to change the things that God reveals.

So which is it?

Is worship a noun or a verb?

In almost every instance the Bible uses this word, worship is a verb. Worship is what God's people do.

So you ready to go to worship?

We'd love to see you this coming Sunday!

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