Oct 8, 2012

Confession: I Suck at the Whole Waiting on God's Perfect Timing Thing...

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Confession time: I suck at the whole waiting on God's perfect timing thing.

If truth be told, I always want God to act, and act in a supernatural way right NOW!!!

Intellectually, I get God is omniscient and sovereign and he knows what's best. It's just that when I am looking at our church I so want to see God showing up in a supernatural way to transform hearts and establish his kingdom here in Lakewood, University Place, Dupont, Tillicum, Steilacoom, and Tacoma, I don't know why God's taking his sweet ol' time!

Many of you know I love riding my bike.

As a rider, I ought to know better.

You see, for most of us riders, we don't ride because it's more comfortable than the car. We don't ride because it gets us to our destination faster and in more comfort.

The bike can't compete with the car for comfort.

The reason why we ride is because there's nothing like the ride!

  • the feel of the air breezing by
  • the sites, the sounds, the smells of a ride
  • the ability to feel the temperature changes around you
  • being surrounded by nature
There's nothing like the ride. 

For most of us riding, the point is rarely the destination. Sure, we do want to get where we're going. But the thrill of the ride is the ability to pull over at whatever catches your fancy and to enjoy locales along the ride. 

I can't think of a better reminder for the spiritual journey than a bike ride. 

The problem for me is that I get so caught up on the final destination that too often I forget to enjoy the ride.

The spiritual journey is all about the ride. 

We will all eventually get where God is leading us as long as we stay on the path. But life is to be enjoyed in the journey. 

It's the journey that makes church life so exciting, fun, heart-breaking, awesome.

Making a promise to self: Remember to enjoy the ride!

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