Oct 19, 2012


Image borrowed from http://hopehomesusa.files.wordpress.com
In our rapidly changing world, one thing is certain: what used to work no longer works.

Where this is particularly true is when it comes to how organizations relate to their employees and people.

Richard Pascale relates:

  • Macy's rulebook is an inch thick. 
  • Nordstrom's rules can be summed up in two sentences. Rule 1: Use your good judgment in all situations. Rule 2: There will be no additional rules.
Guess which company is better prepared for the future?

What does your organization look like?
  • Do you trust your people to make good judgment?
  • Do you hire and attract people who will make good judgments and empower them to do so?
  • Or do you have to spell out what your people can and cannot do?
Use your good judgment.

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