Jan 19, 2008

Acts 2 Church - An Evangelizing Church

We come to the fourth trait of the Acts 2 church. These are the four traits which allowed them to experience the power of God working in their lives so that hundreds and thousands of people were being impacted by God on a daily basis. And I believe that should we put these into practice today, we would see the same God and the same Spirit doing the same miraculous work today.

Up to this point, everything is internally focused. These things - learning, fellowshipping, worshiping - are things we do in the life of the church with one another. The last focus is critical to balance the three characteristics mentioned above.

The fourth trait of the Acts chapter 2 church was that it was an evangelistic church. We are told, “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”
  • They weren’t so busy learning, sharing, worshipping, that they forgot about witnessing and sharing with others the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Here’s some things that God teaches us about evangelism.
o First, notice that it was the Lord who added the numbers.
+ Only God can change hearts. Only God can save. Only God can make sinners into His children.
+ Certainly the apostles preached, the teachers taught, the members gave and served, but only God can save and transform people’s hearts.
o Two, He added to their number...those who were being saved.
+ These two go together.
+ He did not add them to the church without saving them, without transforming and changing them. There is no salvation without a repentant changed life.
+ God also did not save them without adding them to the church. There is no such thing as a Christian without a church. This is an impossibility.
o Three, the Lord added people daily.
+ Evangelism was not a program or a sporadic activity.
+ The church shared the good news of Jesus with others daily.
+ This was their DNA.

These four marks propelled the Acts Chapter 2 Church to phenomenal growth. And these four marks can propel us to experience what God promised when Jesus proclaimed, “Against such a church the gates of hell shall not prevail.”

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