Jan 31, 2008

One Little Germ

It's been a crazy hectic last couple of days. We were supposed to take a family trip out to Palo Duro Canyons this weekend but plans have gone to pot.

Yesterday we received a call from the school saying that one of my girls was vomiting and needed to be taken home. When we called the doctor, they told us not to even bother with coming in because they knew exactly what it was - there is a bad stomach flu going around.

A few hours later, we got another call from the school saying that another of my girls was vomiting and needed to be taken home.

And to top it all off, now my wife has it too!

It is a sick house with a bunch of sickos! Sick, sick, sick, sickos! = )

I've been doing what I can to help with the two remaining healthy kids and trying to take care of the sickos without getting sick myself. I make sure to wash my hands all the time, not touch the things they've touched, and certainly no body contact.

I still need to lead the session and leadership retreat in west Texas this weekend. That would make it for a very interesting presentation if I had to keep excusing myself for the bathroom.

Here's the thing that I've learned through this experience. It's just one little germ, one parasite and it's causing so much heartache in our family and it has totally disrupted our plans.

I wonder how many just one little experiences, thrills, sights, sins we've compromised in our lives. And because we are so used to being sick, we don't even know what it feels like to be healthy.

Lord, I long to be healthy. I want to be free from the sins that infect and disrupt my life.

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