Jan 14, 2008

Becoming a Great church

I believe God desires for every single church that bears His name to not only be good, but great. I believe that nothing would delight the heart of God more than to see every single church that bears His name shining the light of Jesus Christ, shattering the darkness, and making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

And because this is God’s desire for His church, God has given to us a road map of how to be a great church. We find this road map to being the church that God intends for us in the Book of Acts. We find in Acts Chapter 2 an amazing church.
• A church that comes out of nowhere to start kicking butt all over the kingdom of darkness.
• A church that is growing by leaps and bounds where numbers are being added daily.
• A church that takes part in impacting the eternal destinies of thousands and thousands of people.
• A church that is pushing the darkness back, shining the light of Christ, growing new Christians, and growing faithful disciples.
• A church where the gates of hell have no chance.

Is such a church possible today in the year 2008? Could we be a part of a dynamic and kingdom impacting church today?

God’s answer is a resounding “Yes!”

And God shows us how to be such a church in Acts Chapter 2:42-47.

In this passage, we come across four things that the Acts Chapter 2 church practiced that propelled them to experience the Kingdom of God exploding into their world.. And these are the four attributes which must become a part of our DNA and who we’re about if we are going to be such a church.

First, they were a learning church.
Second, they were a fellowshipping church.
Third, they were a worshiping church.
And fourth, they were an evangelizing church.

In the next four days, we will look at these four traits in detail.

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