Jan 7, 2008

What if TPC Tithed?

What if TPC tithed? What would that look like? What could God do with a church that trust God and tithed?

If our church tithed – gave 10% of time, talents, and finances, here's what it would mean for the life of Trinity Presbyterian Church.
• We would release as a church 171,600 hours for Christian service and ministry
• We would unleash all the talents of our membership.
• The average income of the 10 mile radius of the church is $70,000. If our members tithed, that would mean unleashing $910,000 for ministry and mission.

Let me ask you. Do you think God could make a difference in The Colony, Little Elm and Frisco with a church that would commit such resources of time, talents, and finances to building up God's Kingdom?

Against such a church the gates of hell shall not prevail.

The kingdom of God would explode into this community like never before.

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