Jan 23, 2008

User Friendly Christ-followers

The purpose of the Bible is not to give us the minute details of who we're supposed to marry, whether we're supposed to take the new job, whether we should move to a different city, or any of the details of decision making we face in life.

The purpose of the Bible is to shape our hearts and our characters to be more like God's. And the more we download the character and the heart of God into our lives, the more capable we are to make the decisions based on God's principles.

We don't start out with our own agenda when reading the Bible. The purpose and the agenda is to discover what makes the heart of our God leap with joy.

Erwin McManus puts it succinctly when he says, "The information given us in the Bible is there for the purpose of formation. God never intended to give us a Book with every detail needed to live our lives. He gave us a Book with everything necessary to shape our lives. He was trying not to download heaven's database but to make us user-compatible. When God has our hearts, we move naturally in His will. The fuel for a life of faith is more inspiration than information."
(Erwin McManus, "Seizing Your Divine Moment," p. 143).

Amen to that!

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