Jan 15, 2008

Acts 2 Church - A learning Church

I know that we covered these on Sunday. But because these are the practices which will help us to become an Acts 2 church, I encourage you to use these as both refreshers and reminders. And if you are reading this for the first time, I encourage you to commit to putting them into practice.

The first thing that the Acts 2 church put into practice was that they were a learning church. We are told, “They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching” v.42.
  • Although they just experienced the most spiritual experience in their lives as they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, they were not seeking more spiritual and mystical experiences. They did not go into the "let's package this awesome emotional experience" business. But because they had been touched by the God who changed their world, they devoted themselves to discover more about this God. They were devoted to the truths that would liberate them from the life of slavery.
  • Because they were committed to the things that God was committed, they devoted themselves to the teachings of the Apostles.
  • If God is going to make a difference in this community, God will first have to make a difference in us.
  • And the way God will impact us is through our commitment to the Apostle’s teaching.
  • Trinity currently provides 11 Bible Studies and 4 adult Bible Studies on Sunday mornings. If you are not part of one of these studies, I challenge you to commit to growing in the truth about Jesus Christ.
  • If you are a Christ-follower, you must grow in the knowledge of the truth. You’ve got to be in a Bible study.
  • Let’s make 10:30 every Sunday our Bible Study hour where every member is committed to learning the truths of God.
  • Acts chapter 2 tells us when a community devotes themselves to the Apostle’s teaching. And as a result, we are told that many wonders and miraculous signs were witnessed.
  • That’s what happens when a community commits to the Apostle’s teaching.
The first characteristic that needs to become a part of our DNA and who we are is that we must be a church who is committed to studying the Bible. So, get into a study group and let's start discovering the truths which has the power to set us all free!

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