Jun 27, 2008

GA of Infamy - San Jose

GA of Infamy.

I am not over-exaggerating.

Here are the things that has conspired at this GA.
1) Remove the language of homosexuality as a sexual sin from the Heidelberg Catechism.
2) Remove the Authoritative Interpretation that articulates homosexuality and sex outside the bonds of marriage sin.
3) Remove the language that prohibits homosexuals, persons not faithful in marriage, and chaste in singleness from ordination. And instead state that one is bound by the guidance of the confessions, which now doesn't explicitly name homosexuality.
4) When the denomination is looking for funds to do ministry, set aside two million dollars to be collected through designated giving specifically to pay for the court case charges to go after congregations who are looking to leave the denomination.

Put these things together - you've got an awful mess.

The General Assembly will still have to vote for the definition of marriage. I will not be one bit surprised if they change it from "a man and a woman" to "two people".

GA of Infamy - San Jose.

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