Jun 6, 2008

God Loves Fish

I've been reading the story of Noah again and it has always puzzled me that God destroyed every living creature on earth except for the fish. All living things died because of the sins of man, but the fish lived. The floods covered the earth and the fish thought it was great.

You know why? God loves fish.

I say that with tongue in cheek.

But here's the thing. God doesn't have to explain everything to me. God doesn't have to make sense all the time. God is God.

Whether you like that answer or not, that's reality.

The first thing that my discipleship asks of me is trust. And trust is what I'm going to do. I trust that God loves me. I trust that God wants what is best for me. I trust that God knows better than me. So I am going to trust.

The second thing that my discipleship has to come to terms with is God. You see, whether God makes sense or not, whether God is good or not, God is still God. And if God is God, then creatures are to worship God. It doesn't matter what kind of a god, God is. Because He is God, God deserves to be worshipped.

But we have become so spoiled with a loving God that we take His love for granted. Even if God wasn't loving, He still deserves to be worshipped. That's what it means to be God and what it means to be a creature.

Recently, I heard a radio show where the host asked, "Would you rather have your favorite sports team win the championship or have your favorite candidate win the presidency?" Guess what the great majority of people who called in said? - you guessed it. They would rather have their sports team win than their candidate win the presidency.

What was the reasoning most people gave? Because they said, no president can give the same feeling as their team winning the championship.

But you know what? If you were to ask this question in most of the world who are still being ruled by oppressive and murderous governments, you know what they would say? This kind of questioning would be laughable.

Here's the thing. Too many of us have taken the great mercy and love of God for granted. That God is a God of love and grace is a blessing. But even if our God were not gracious or merciful, God still deserves to be worshiped.

Our God is a great and awesome God. So worship Him.

You know God not only loves fish. He loves you too!

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