Jun 22, 2008

Worship in Two Places but With One Spirit

Sunday morning worship is always one of the highlights of the General Assembly. The outgoing moderator, Joan Gray, preached and challenged the Presbyterians to love others as Christ loves us. And that is just it. We can't do what Christ did. But that is exactly what Christ calls us to do. And the only way the church can do that is as we trust in God to enable us, move us, transform us. Christ calls us to a superhuman enterprise.

There was not a place near the convention center that could house the 8,000 worshipers expected for the service. Either we could have held it at the arena where even 8,000 people would not even have filled half the arena, or the only other choice was to split the worship into two venues.

The service began and ended in both places. Both places had liturgists and worship leaders. Both places had live music and the worship services were connected with a satellite link.

While we were a mile apart from each other, it felt like we were all worshiping together.

The Holy Spirit is cool like that.

More to come.

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