Jun 27, 2008

The Perfect Storm

This GA is shaping up to be one of the most tragic assemblies in recent memory. The evangelicals do not have enough votes.

This assembly hates amendments, substitute motions, or minority reports. I can only recall one or two amendments out of 60-70 amendments that have actually passed. And since most of the recommendations coming out of committee have been unfavorable towards evangelicals, this means we have been losing almost all of the debates.

Here are some actions taken at the GA yesterday:
1) The New Form of Government Task Force report has been referred to the next General Assembly. After much debate on the floor, the recommendation from the committee to refer was approved.

2) The GA approved to set aside 2 million dollars to cover the legal costs of presbyteries going after churches who are wanting to leave the denomination with their properties. This one is quite disturbing. While the commissioners debated about the merit of other ministries and mission that would have far less financial impact on the life of the church, when it comes to going after those congregations who are wanting to leave with their property, the commissioners voted to "find" 2 million dollars.

3) The GA approved to recommend a new translation of the Heidelberg Confession. This new translation would take out the prohibitions against homosexuality.

The GA worked until 11:30pm last night. They may very well work past that tonight. They are 2 committees behind in their work and they still have the ordination of homosexuals, abortion issues, definition of marriage, Israel-Palestine, and many other substantive issues to cover today.

This GA needs your prayers. Please join with me in lifting up the commissioners and that God would do a miracle.

Will keep you posted.

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