Jun 2, 2008

Going Back Home

What an incredible week this has been.

The Pastor's Conference at the Eighth Presbyterian Church went well. There were 62 pastors who dreamed, wrestled, and discerned how best to lead God's church.

The consulting session with the pastors of Eighth Presbyterian Church and The Presbyterian Church of Buritis was exciting as we considered the importance of leadership.

The consulting session with the elders and pastors of the Presbyterian Church of Buritis was amazing. The spirit of God moved to touch and open the eyes of the leaders to see the redemptive potential that God had given to the Buritis Church. It was humbling to be in a place where the Holy Spirit was touching the lives of men who were giving themselves fully to the ministry and the mission of Jesus Christ.

The Sunday morning Bible Study and the the worship at both Eighth Presbyterian and the Presbyterian Church of Buritis was so amazing.

The praise and worship at Eighth Presbyterian Church is out of this world. Eighth is one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in Brazil with over 3,000 members. They have multiple services and the service I preached had probably had 900-1,000 people who were singing their hearts out for God to touch them. Alistair McGrath said that the Holy Spirit moves where the Holy Spirit is wanted and the people at Eighth want the Spirit of God!

The worship service at the Presbyterian Church of Buritis was such a blessing. God is up to something great at Buritis. God has assembled an amazing group of leaders and God has positioned the church to make some huge impact for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. I am telling you, keep your eyes open for this church. God is up to something great.

I am now getting ready to come home. I miss my wife and family. I can't wait to see them.

This has been an amazing trip.

Thank you God.

See you once I get home.

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