Jun 17, 2008

One Jacked Up Story

This is one jacked up story!

First, you've got this major dysfunctional family where out of the TWELVE??? kids, the father clearly shows favoritism to one. Not a good situation.

Then, the one who is favored begins to have these crazy dreams where everyone is bowing down to him - including his parents and brothers. And he has the nerve to tell them about his dreams. How would you have liked to hear that coming from your sibling?

And when the opportune time comes, his brothers decide their going to kill him.

But one of the brothers is able to convince the others to sell him as a slave instead. And to cover up this mess, their going to make it look like their brother was killed by an animal.

Can you imagine if this happened today? Could you imagine if this took place in your church? In your neighborhood?

Goodness sakes! Forget Jerry Springer, it's more like Unsolved Mysteries or Cops.

But instead we find this story in the Bible. Not just anyone in the Bible but one of the Patriarchs of the faith and of the Jews - Jacob and his sons.

What do you think of that?

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