Aug 5, 2008

Christian Addicts

Those who are addicted to drugs live for their next high.

I've gotta get high man! I'm dying here. I need to get high.

They go from one high to the next - living in misery the entire time.

The way some Christians lives their lives is no different. Just listen to them sometimes.

"I really need this conference. I really need to go on this mission trip. I really need this retreat. I've been so down lately. I need a spiritual high."

Christianity is not about living in the spiritual high. True Christian discipleship is about knowing how to live both in the valleys and and dungeons and the highs of life. Christianity is about knowing how to live in the joy of the Lord that surpasses present circumstances.

That's the reason why Paul could write from the dungeon, "Rejoice in the Lord, and again I will say Rejoice!"

The reason why Paul could rejoice even in the dungeon was because the reason for his joy was not of this earth. His joy was in the Lord. And because His joy was Jesus Christ, no matter what life circumstances dealt him, he could always rejoice.

Spiritual highs are wonderful. But they don't last. Too many Christians associate discipleship with this emotion. And as long as we think Christianity is about how we're feeling at the moment we are no better off than the drug addict searching for their next high. Discipleship is discovering the key to living through all of life. And His name is Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I will say rejoice!

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